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Library Wire - September 2013

Solve acquisition and collection challenges

Of course you know Alibris is a great source for out-of-print books. But did you know Alibris offers millions of new, in-print titles, and out-of-stock titles from publishers or primary vendors? We are also a great option for managing Want Lists and filling gaps in your collection with our Collection Reports. Check out the various ways your colleagues have solved acquisition and collection development challenges with Alibris for Libraries. Let us know how we can help.

Reminder: Invoices always available online

In addition to receiving your invoices in the box with the books, or mailed to your billing address, remember that you can always access your invoices online from your account at www.alibris.com/library. Just log into your account and find the item you're looking for by scrolling through your order history. Or do a keyword search; you can search by title, your PO# or Alibris order number. For all shipped items, there is a hyperlinked invoice - just point, click, and print.

And speaking of invoices...

As you know, we currently send our invoices in a couple of ways. For orders consolidated in our warehouse, you have the option to have the invoice in the box with the books. For books sent directly from our sellers (or where the billing address is different from the shipping address), we mail paper invoices. In lieu of mailed paper invoices, we are exploring the option of sending invoices via email, to the email address that is indicated on the account. Is this something you'd be interested in?

Request your customer statement, anytime

We do our best to get statements out to you in the mail on a quarterly basis. You can always request a statement anytime, though - just shoot your request to: librarybilling@alibris.com. Include your customer code or account email for quickest turnaround.