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Kirstin's Story: No Place to Stand

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Kirstin's Story: No Place to Stand

by Jean Jardine Miller

This book began as a therapeutic exercise for a mother who had recently lost her agoraphobic daughter to suicide. Years later, a visitor to her anxiety disorder information website asked her for material that would help in explaining his daughter's school phobia to her teacher. It was still happening... here was a child who was experiencing the same lack of understanding that had virtually crippled her own child's education in the nineteen eighties. Her father was searching the internet for help. Parents were still having ...
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Kirstin's Story: No Place To Stand new book

Kirstin's Story: No Place To Stand


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Binding: Trade paperback Publisher: Jardine Miller Publishing Date published: 2004 ISBN-13: 9780973137637 ISBN: 0973137630

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