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Alibris Sellers Build Community, Earn Easy Cash Rewards

Newly launched Alibris seller stores and rewards programs give independent sellers tools and incentives for building their online businesses

EMERYVILLE, CA—November 20, 2009—Alibris today announced the launch of its Alibris Seller Rewards program, which provides cash rewards to independent sellers at the popular book, music, and movie marketplace. Each Alibris Gold seller now earns cash rewards for each completed order that started on their customizable Alibris seller store.

The Alibris seller stores and rewards programs give independent sellers a distinct economic advantage and feature the following benefits:

  • CUSTOM MERCHANDISING AND COMMUNITY-BUILDING TOOLS: All Alibris Gold sellers can customize their Alibris stores with unique merchandising, custom catalogs, descriptive content, membership affiliations, and custom URLs. They can also build community through blog posting on their stores about their specialties and interests.
  • EASY 5% CASH REWARDS: An Alibris Gold seller gets 5% cash back for every order placed by someone who started shopping in that seller's customized Alibris store. The cash reward goes to the seller who initiated the shopping visit with their Alibris store's Web address, even if the buyer purchases from another Alibris seller.
  • BONUS DEALER DISCOUNTS: Any Alibris Gold seller can earn additional Seller Rewards for their own Alibris purchases. This seller discount enables sellers to purchase new inventory or to place special orders for their customers—all with back-end savings.
  • FREE, AUTOMATIC ENROLLMENT: All sellers signed up for the Alibris Gold seller program are automatically enrolled in Seller Rewards.

"Alibris helps independent sellers build their businesses online. Our seller store upgrades give them truly unique capabilities to build their own online presence, on top of our unparalleled breadth of sales partners," said Brian Elliott, Alibris President and CEO. "Alibris Seller Rewards makes building out your store community even more profitable." Elliott explained that the Seller Rewards program delivers more value than ever to independent sellers. "Not only will sellers gain financially from the Seller Rewards and seller discounts, but they will be building their business, driving more traffic to their seller stores and building their clientele."

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Alibris is the premier online marketplace for independent sellers of new and used books, music, and movies, as well as rare and out-of-print titles. Read more about us.

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