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For the strength of your collection, turn to the library specialists at Alibris. Whether big or small, your library's needs will easily be satisfied.

After all, we've never met a project we couldn't handle. From the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina to the unique requests of a fashion institute, and from small lists of titles to projects to replace thousands of books, Alibris has a proven record of providing help.

  • List-driven projects. Regardless of the type of title list you have—replacements, bibliographies, collection analysis reports—you can match your Want List against our database of 140 million books, movies, and music items from 20,000 independent sellers.
  • Collection development. Fill gaps in an existing collection or build a new one with our free Collection Reports service. To get started, tell us what you're looking for.
  • Wish Lists. Faculty, selectors, or acquisitions staff can search our database as needs arise and save titles for later ordering.
  • Really hard-to-find. Register a title not found in our database with Book Fetch. We'll search our incoming stock every day and e-mail you when a match is found.

Large project? No staff time?

We can help at no charge.

We can load large Want Lists and select and place orders for you. With our Collection Reports service, we can also identify titles from our database for large, retrospective collection-development projects. Contact us or call us toll-free at 1-877-ALIBRIS (1-877-254-2747) and choose option 1.

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Featured case study

"[After the flood caused by Hurricane Katrina] we didn't have the staff to do a title-by-title search for all the items we needed to replace. The ability to turn a report over to Alibris for their help in securing these items for us will save us an enormous amount of time and support the library's efforts to return our collection to its former strength." [Read more]

Donna Capelle Cook, Director, Technical Services Division, Howard-Tilton Memorial Library, Tulane University, Louisiana