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Alibris Affiliate Program

About Alibris Affiliates

The Alibris Affiliates Program is designed to help patrons locate and purchase hard-to-find and out-of-print books. When a patron clicks an Alibris link on your site and completes a purchase at Alibris, your library earns a 5% commission on that purchase. The Alibris Affiliates Program enhances your site by helping you point visitors to resources that interest and help them. The program is free and is open to libraries of all sizes. And because Alibris for Libraries is dedicated to offering world-class customer service, you can be confident that you're providing value to your visitors, and that you will get the support you require.

The Alibris Affiliates Program is administered by LinkShare, the first and only Internet-based company to offer a reliable, convenient third-party service that facilitates affiliate marketing on the Internet.

How to Become an Alibris Affiliate

It's easy to set up an Alibris Affiliates account through LinkShare. Simply review the Alibris Affiliates Program's Terms and Conditions by clicking 'Yes, I want to join' below and accept the terms. Then complete the Alibris Affiliates Application on the LinkShare Web site. Once we notify you that you've been accepted as an Alibris Affiliate, you'll be able to go to the Get Links section of the LinkShare Web site, choose the banners or text links that you want to appear on your Web site, and copy the HTML code to paste on the pages of your site where you want the Alibris links to appear. (The code will already have been customized for your account number.) For more information, check out our Library Program FAQ.

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