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About Alibris for Libraries

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At Alibris for Libraries, we understand the unique needs of library acquisitions departments and collection-development specialists. Since 1998, we've worked with libraries to help them find and acquire the titles they need. Today, more than 5,000 libraries use Alibris for Libraries as a primary source for out-of-print titles, older in-print titles, and large replacement and collection-development projects—as well as a source for unfilled and canceled firm orders.

Because we accept library purchase orders, guarantee the condition of each book, offer easy returns, and support your account with comprehensive and personal customer service, you can select and order books with confidence.

Experience the Alibris for Libraries difference

  • Find the titles. Libraries that started using Alibris for out-of-print titles now look to us in a much broader way. In fact, our library customers tell us we're their first place to look if a book isn't newly published. They've found that they can save time and the frustration of waiting to hear back from the publisher or their primary book vendor. With 100 million books, music items, and movies from 14,000 independent sellers, we deliver the best fill rate in the industry. [Learn more]
  • Get the service. Most online bookstores are hard for libraries to use because their shipping, invoicing, payment, and return policies are designed for individual consumers, not institutions. Our service is designed for the way you work, with consolidated orders, flexible payment options (including purchase orders), and an experienced Library Services Team who understand libraries and are ready to help (and available by phone or e-mail). [Learn more]
  • Build the collection. Collection-development projects come in two basic forms. Sometimes you have a list of titles to be replaced and need to search and find them. In other cases, you need to build a new subject area or backfill gaps in an existing one, but you don't have exact titles. Alibris for Libraries can help with both types of challenges, with free services such as Want List Matching and Collection Reports. [Learn more]

We've learned a lot in our more than 18 years of working with libraries and we will continue to evolve our services to meet the changing needs of today's libraries - like yours.