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Alibris Collection Reports

Collection Reports is a free service that can quickly backfill existing collections or help you start new collections.

Enhance your core collections and build new ones

Finding titles to build or strengthen a subject area can eat up a lot of resources and time. When you need to backfill a collection or to create a new one, turn to Alibris's free Collection Reports service.

Ways to use Collection Reports

  • Retrospective collection-development projects
  • Specialized grants
  • New graduate programs
  • New faculty with new subject emphasis

With Collection Reports, you don't need to know specific titles. Alibris for Libraries takes your broad subject categories (LC Class range, Dewey Decimal range, subject headings, or keywords) and preferences (i.e., binding, publication year, language, or authors) and then finds the titles in our inventory of 100 million books that match your specifications.

After you receive your spreadsheet report, you can review the list and order the appropriate titles yourself, or talk to our Library Services Team, who can manage the project for you.

Give Collection Reports a try today. It's a completely free service. If you need help getting started, give us a call at 1-877-ALIBRIS (1-877-254-2747), option 1, or e-mail us.

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