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Want List Matching System

Eliminate title-by-title searching with free want list management

When you have a list of titles, let our unique Want List Matching System save you time by finding the items and providing you with the information you need to place your order.

Think about using Want List Matching for the following helpful resources:

  • Replacement projects—lost, damaged, or missing titles
  • Books you've tried to order from another vendor—either out-of-stock, cancelled, or just never received
  • Collection analysis reports or bibliographies—to support subject-area collection development

Turn your project over to us

At no charge, we can match your list of titles, send you back the results, and even do the ordering for you. You're charged only for what you purchase, not for the matching service.

  1. Complete your Want List Profile to define the parameters for your orders.
  2. Send us your list with basic bibliographic information for each title. We accept a variety of electronic formats, or we can convert hard copies to electronic format. If you haven't started your list, we recommend that you use our template.
  3. We run your list against our database of more than 140 million items from 20,000 independent sellers.
  4. We send you back the results or place the order for you. If you include purchase-order information with your initial list, we can place the order for you based on your profile. Or we can send the results back to you for a final review.

To get started on a project, complete your Want List Profile and send it and your list to [email protected]. Or call us at 1-877-ALIBRIS (1-877-254-2747), option 1.

Prefer to do it yourself?

Load your list and—within moments—you'll be able to view matches based on your search parameters. Once you receive the list of matches you can select from the match results and complete your order.

To manage your own project using Want List Matching, go to the Want List Matching System and upload your list. If you don't have an Alibris account, you'll need to create an account before you begin.

Want List matching