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Save money when budgets are tight

"At Alibris, we find items not available other places. In general, we're ordering titles that are two to five years old, titles that are still in print but have gone to remainder. We have some new faculty as well as faculty offering new courses for which they need titles in a full range of subjects—from music, to women's studies, to math and religion."

Ann Noble
Houston Baptist University

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Use as a secondary vendor for out-of-stock titles

"Alibris for Libraries is the first place we turn when our primary supplier does not have the item we need in stock. Initially, we were surprised to find how many new titles Alibris offers in addition to used items. We are using Alibris increasingly more often because they meet our needs."

Kate Sathi
Washington University in St. Louis

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Simplify the purchasing process

"In the past year, we have increased our use of Alibris for Libraries, largely due to the ease of purchasing and the availability of material. Alibris generally ships what we need in one to two weeks. This timeliness is important to us when we get requests for items outside our standing approval plans. We are pleased with Alibris' prices and the quality of used books, which we order if new copies aren't available."

Mariyam Thohira
Johns Hopkins University

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Save time while collection building

"Since their database [Alibris] reflects the inventories of thousands of sellers, it's amazing the titles they find ... and they deal with the individual sellers so we don't have to. Alibris allows us to save a significant amount of time by quickly being able to identify a list of books that are actually available for sale...."

Rich Paustenbaugh
Oklahoma State University

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Efficiently tackle a massive replacement project

"[After the flood caused by Hurricane Katrina] we didn't have the staff to do a title-by-title search for all the items we needed to replace. The ability to turn a report over to Alibris for their help in securing these items for us will save us an enormous amount of time and support the library's efforts to return our collection to its former strength."

Donna Capelle Cook
Tulane University

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Get fast and reliable service

"Alibris for Libraries is our second largest vendor for current books that are not available through our primary vendor. When we need quick turnaround, we can find almost everything in stock at Alibris. What I value about Alibris for Libraries are reliability, availability, and price, and the customer service is outstanding."

Paula Toncheff
Duquesne University

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Get consolidated shipping and fast response times

"With the variety of services and the size of the inventory, Alibris for Libraries is our number one vendor for out-of-print, foreign-language, and rare materials. Alibris for Libraries has consolidated shipping, excellent response time, staff who understand libraries, and tracking that you won't find elsewhere."

Scott Pope
Texas State University

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Find new titles other vendors list as out of stock

"Alibris for Libraries is an excellent resource for recently published titles that our primary vendor shows as out of stock or not available. We can use a purchase order instead of a credit card and receive invoices. These types of library services make us much more likely to use Alibris than any other online book retailer."

Jackie Zito
Kalamazoo Valley Community College Libraries

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Choose convenient ordering options

"We use Alibris for Libraries for batch orders as well as title by title ordering. Alibris manages the lists and finds the titles for us. Alibris is our vendor of choice for replacement books, whether they are rare, out of print or just a few years old."

Nina Antoville
California State University, Long Beach

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Achieve high fill rates on missing title projects

"We are very pleased with a fill rate of approximately 70% on our missing titles project. We could never have found so many titles if we were doing this searching on our own. What it really comes down to is the convenience of successfully managing replacement projects. [Alibris's Want List Matching service has] been so efficient that other departments are coming to me and asking for help with their orders. This has resulted in our expanding our use of Alibris to acquire more titles that are still in print."

Kathy Wilmot
London School of Economics

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Use purchase orders to get current titles

"For out of print or difficult to find titles, we always go to Alibris. They allow us to use purchase orders, which is very advantageous. Even with current titles, if Baker & Taylor or Ingram can't supply them, I go right to Alibris."

Patricia Steelman
Library of Congress
Washington, District of Columbia

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Track down the "unattainable"

"I love working with Alibris; they are the 'go-to' vendor I can rely on. Through Book Fetch, they have tracked down titles I thought were unattainable. Our collection satisfies the often unique and specialized information needs of our campus community as a result of our collaboration with Alibris for Libraries."

Lucy Bellamy
Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising

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Get free shipping on hard-to-find titles

"Alibris is a big part of our ordering. I love the free shipping and the ability to locate hard-to-find titles.... If an older title isn't available new, Alibris may be able to provide it used and in good condition, which still meets the needs of our faculty and students. I just wish I had discovered Alibris years ago!"

Jo Beth Hamlett
Mississippi University for Women

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Get quick turnaround and great customer service

"Alibris has experience working with libraries. They are flexible, provide reliable information, and deliver great turnaround and customer service."

Brian McLaughlin
Syracuse University Library

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Save considerable time on replacement projects

"Alibris has saved us an incredible amount of time. I am very appreciative of this service [Want List Matching] in helping us restore some of what was lost in the flood."

Eileen Yara
University of Hawaii

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Supplement a small staff

"I turned to Alibris for Libraries because of their matching service. I was able to give a range of classification codes, and Alibris searched for appropriate titles in those areas. Service is really important to me, and with Alibris for Libraries I have received great service."

Susan Van Alstyne
Micro Tech Training Center

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