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When you find a title you want but are not ready to order, creating a wishlist can be a great time-saver. Assemble a wishlist, and when you're ready to make a purchase you won't have to search again. Selectors often use wishlists to make a list of books for a particular subject area and then share their wishlist with Acquisitions to place the order.

It's easy to create a wishlist. Just click the Add to Wishlist link in your search results. To edit your wishlist entries, click the Edit Wishlist Details button, and use the Update button to finalize your changes. Don't forget to make your wishlist searchable by others.

The first step is to fill your Wishlist with items. Simply search for an item, and then click the Add to Wishlist button for that item. It's that easy.

Start creating your wishlist today, or learn more about using wishlists to save time and facilitate communication between selectors and acquisitions staff.